Lending Bitcoins for a profit

bitbond bitcoin lending

This is yet another way to make money with Bitcoin and this involves lending your Bitcoins using reliable and efficient p2p (peer-to-peer) lendinlendingg services like Bitbond.

As an investor you are expected to earn anywhere from 5-15% back on your investment (money you’ve lent) per year depending on the type of investment strategy you use. In order to become make money off this process click here to register and fund your account with Bitbond.

Note, before lending to a borrower make sure you read the review of the person to enable you make up your mind if you want to invest in that loan.

While companies do their best to verify user’s credit history in order to limit fraud,they are not always successful. There is a risk of fraud as a user can sign up to a lending website using fake or stolen credentials. Despite the risk of that happening being low it still must be considered as a possible outcome.